Thank you to all our supporters helping Forever re-start after the impact of COVID19.


Forever is a new startup that was unable to launch as scheduled due to the Covid crisis.

An impact that resulted in the cancellation of the newest Caribbean Rum Cream in 8 years, and the loss of jobs in its small team. 

It's important to let you know, Forever would not be here if it were not for your support.


We are grateful for your help! 

Update of what your support has done so far; 
Raised £28,550 in 6 weeks
By September Forever was able to re-start STAGE 1 - bottle manufacturing for 1L & 700ml.
(x8,000 quantity)
Hoping to raise: £65,000 
Currently raising support to help re-start STAGE 2 of Forever's production since its cancellation during the Covid crisis.
Final phase
The first release of Forever is dedicated to our supporters at 50% OFF. 

Thank you for supporting Forever! 
The final goal is to raise enough support to help re-start Forever's production. 
We're working hard to ensure supporters will enjoy the new Caribbean Rum Cream by January!
Forever is only able to meet this timeline with your support​.



Written by Solo, the founder. 

Hello all, 

Allow me to give you a little glimpse of the drink industry world, maybe it might shed some light as to why we don't see many black-owned Caribbean rum. 

Did you know?

Approx 70% of all the rum in the world are produced in the Caribbean

Over 90% of the Caribbean population are black

But less than 5% of the rum produced in the Caribbean are black-owned

In our eyes, Forever is a birth of passion, an abstract of preserved Caribbean culture

Therefore, I made a promise to never hand over ownership of Forever under any circumstances, no matter how enticing an offer might be.

I realised the drink industry resembles a monopoly game.


Where a small number of European/American companies, pretty much control most of the Caribbean rum in the world.

Even rums I (and I'm sure most people too) thought were black-owned, but are surprisingly not.

For example; Wray & Nephew.

I would go as far as to say it was never black-owned at any point in history (here's why).


Forever is a new startup, a small community.

Independent, built from the ground up. 

Protecting Forever from being swallowed up by another monopoly company and remain black-owned. 


What is the vision?

To be able to open more doors for more black-owned opportunities in the UK.

I've always felt pressured by funding partners to sell over the rights of Forever because they positioned themself as a sort of well-connected "gatekeepers". 


Deciding which rum will make it, and which one will not. 

Wanting me to believe the system is bigger than us, and Forever does not stand a chance without them.  


Forever hopes to open a lot of opportunities for many who may feel the same way.

That's our aim, a black-owned economy. 

To be honest, this kind of talk (for unjustified reasons) scares some people.


"We're not trying to start a race war, we're trying to end one" 


- A Forever proverb




Because it can only be done together.

Support the movement.



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