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Written by Solo, the founder. 

Hello all, 

Allow me to give you a little glimpse of our dilemma in the drink industry world, maybe it might shed some light as to why we don't see many Caribbean-owned rum 

Did you know?

Approx 70% of all the rum in the world is produced in the Caribbean

But less than 5% of all the rum produced is owned by the Caribbean

In our eyes, Forever is a birth of passion, an abstract of preserved Caribbean culture.

Therefore, I made a promise to myself and our team, that Forever will always remain Caribbean-owned.

I realised the drink industry resembles a monopoly game.


Where a small number of European/American companies, pretty much control most of the Caribbean rum in the world.

Several rums I assumed were Caribbean-owned (I'm sure many people did too), turned out to be owned by the usual suspects.

For example; Wray & Nephew.

I would go as far as to say it was never Caribbean-owned at any point in history (here's why).

Forever is a new startup, and independent.  


When I made the promise to honour Forever's integrity of remaining Caribbean-owned, it came at the cost of falling out with many funding partners, or some might refer to as "gatekeepers" - holding the keys.

Who held the opportunity of further funding Forever to recover from the impact of Covid19 over my head, in exchange for giving up our identity of being a rare Caribbean-owned peculiarity.

No way.

Now Forever is at a crossroad, we did not know it would come with such a heavy price.

But it's a price we are glad to pay if it means breaking the chain and building something that will last ... (well, you can guess the word I'm going to use) ... Forever.

Building something that will last Forever.


What is Forever's vision?

To be able to open more doors for more diverse opportunities in the UK

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