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The journey to creating Forever has been a series of closing doors.
At this current moment, we are on the last opportunity to re-start

production in time for March 2022. 
Forever is a small startup trying to beat the odds of the rum industry.
The Caribbean produces
*70% of the world's rum, but less than 7% is Caribbean-owned.
We're trying to shake up this industry and make Caribbean rum lovers proud to say, "this is actually Caribbean!".

(*Forever's journey)

Forever Giftbox 2.jpeg


We are dedicating the first release of Forever exclusively to our supporters at half price (no profit). Including all the supporters who have been with us since 2020.

To be honest, this is our only way of saying thank you.

We are just grateful to even have the opportunity in the first place, we are grateful for all the supporters who showed up for us from the beginning and until now.

With the hoodies and jumper purchase, as well as, the generous donations, we cannot say thank you enough. 

With your support, Forever will have a fighting chance and as a supporter, you will be amongst the first to get your hands on the newest Caribbean Rum Cream in the UK.

You may reserve your bottle below.

If you are considering being a supporter, here are two ways you can help;

 Order your jumper:

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Thank you to our 2,000+ supporters, especially from the Facebook community, we owe you a debt of gratitude!

All our hoodies are sold out, thank you to all our supporters!