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Before you consider supporting Forever, please take a moment to see what we represent (what is Forever?), don't support what you don't know.

It's always important to ask as many questions as possible, we created a FAQ to help.

But if you would like to reach out to us, please feel free to contact us via the chatbox below or leave us a message we'll get back to you asap.

The first release!

We are dedicating the first release of the newest Caribbean Rum Cream to our supporters at half price.

Support Forever today, and reserve your bottle below.

Thank you to our 2,000+ supporters, especially from the Facebook community, we owe you a debt of gratitude!



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Forever Rum Cream

Forever Rum Cream

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What are your thoughts on Forever so far?

-  Angela -

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"My favourite colour! With a golden lion to boot 👏🌈😁💕💐👍"
(Referring to our purple Forever hoodie)

"Just to say that I’m really excited to try your rum cream, best of luck!"

"I hope you reach your target and I look forward to seeing your brand in bars all over the world. Good Luck x"

-  Dee -

-  Paulette -

-  Winnie -

"I wonder how this will work as Guinness Punch..."

"Hi Solo love your website very informative nice graphics and picture"

"Wao... I lov ur website all the way from Namibia"

"Honestly, we live for moments like these. 

I cannot thank our supporters enough. 

Whether you're here to shop your Forever hoodie, leave a donation or casually enjoying your scroll through our site. 

We thank you for simply being here!

Unfortunately, as a start-up, the impact of Covid19 was devastating and we were not able to receive any government support to help get back up. 

So we've been working with a little budget, I honestly wish we had the budget for marketing and to hire a photographer to capture more image content. 

But this is all we could afford at the moment, and I am sorry about that. 
I jump for joy every time I see a new positive review about Forever, we're trying to do our best with little.



Thank you so much for all your support!"

- Solo, founder.


Please feel free to leave us more reviews (good or bad).

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