The Monopoly: Part 1

BLM activist explains economic inequality of black America.

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We are all familiar with the game MONOPOLY.

I’m sure you’re no stranger to playing a game where one player alone ends up owning over 80% of all properties on the board.

It’s your turn to roll, you count the spaces you need to land safely, aware that everywhere you land is almost certainly owned by the same player.


  • MONOPOLY power: A single company having 25% or more control over a market.

Is the black community living in a monopoly world today?

Many people overlook how a system of oppression may have ushered a domino effect the black diaspora are still paying for today.

My thoughts;

  1. How many economically developed black countries can you name off the top of your head?

  2. How many black banks (that are really black-owned) can you name right now?

There's a saying I once heard in the barbershop:

  • “The white man giveth, and the white man taketh”

We don't have much of our own, everything we have is provided to us by the monopoly, and it may be taken away at any moment.

I'll give you an example;

Did you know?

The great majority of the world’s rum is produced in the Caribbean.

But it is largely owned by European companies... so people will work in the Caribbean, harvesting sugar cane and other rum ingredients, then European companies take the rum to sell accross other countries.

Sounds familiar?

As a black startup we found ourselves at the mercy of this monopoly, when we were seeking funding to create Forever in its early stage.

Going to the "gate keepers" of the rum industry was our only option, we couldn't help but wonder how different it would be if we had a black-owned bank/funding option.

Is this the future we want to leave behind for our children and the next generation?


Are we the path of creating an independent economy?

I hope that our fire for a independent economy will keep on burning, I also hope we keep working together.

Supporting and investing in our community - to end this economic inequality one step at a time.

Peace & prosperity to all. Joseph



"I went as light as possible on this first post, follow me for part 2 where I delve deeper, referencing key points from the best-seller book (Powernomics)"


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Do not mistake pro-black for anti-white, we’re not trying to start a race war.

We’re trying to end one.

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