Light Vs Dark Rum

Light Rum:

Often referred to as white rum, it is usually aged for a short period and tends to be smooth in its intensity. Typically, light rum does not contain dark syrups which act as an agent to alter both the appearance and flavour. Light rum has a natural slightly sweet taste, making it the perfect alcohol base to create some of the most beautiful cocktails we know and love today.

Dark Rum:

With a number of different variations in colour, dark rum is aged for a longer period of time (3+ years). When dark rum is of a golden colour, this signifies that it has been moderately aged.

It is important to note, sometimes brown sugar, caramel, or even molasses are added for colour, which is actually changing the depth of the rum flavour, as well as its visual appearance. Most dark rum lovers usually sip on it with ice, and some of course likes to mix and discover different flavours by creating a cocktail.


Light Rum:

  • Smoother taste

  • Mixes well for cocktails

  • Aged less

  • Large flavour variation

Dark rum:

  • Complex, heavy flavours

  • Aged longer

  • Contains brown sugar, caramel

  • Colour variation and more depth of flavours

I guess you could say it’s an acquired taste…

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