New 2021 

We have a little saying; 
"If it's not from the Caribbean then it's not really Rum!"
Some upcoming Forever products for 2021;
  • The Forever Rum (without Cream) 
  • The Forever Rum Cream (Almond) 
  • The Forever Rum Cream (Cocoa)
There will be a few more products that are completely different from our Forever Rum Cream. More details to be released in the near future. 

Written by Solo... again.


Dear supporters, 

Allow me to go through a few pointers; 


- Almost there! 

The first release of Forever is dedicated to our supporters at half price.
There is no profit from this whatsoever, this is simply our way of thanking our supporters for everything.   

Your reservation will help to secure your preferred colour/quantity in advance, as we're only able to produce a limited amount on the first run.


- Our community

Making the first release half price is our incentive to hopefully reach more support. 


- Facebook

We ask all our supporters to help spread the word and to encourage a friend or your Facebook platform to support Forever in the final leap. 


- We got you!

Once Forever has raised enough support, we will keep everyone in the loop and you can expect a 14 days heads up before the first release.  

- Our challenges 

We are determined to release Forever in April. 

Our timeline is based on gaining enough support within the current deadline. 
And to be honest, it may be subject to change - as we have to coordinate with various entities in an unpredictable pandemic. 

The Forever team is working relentlessly to honour our deadline as close as possible to the set timeline.

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